Tuesday, March 5, 2013


A couple of weeks ago, I got together with my two bestest friends ever and a few other ladies, and we had a craft party! (And a 31 party...I love 31! And I'm having a catalog party, if anyone is interested!) :)

Here's the deal. I am creative. I have lots of good ideas, and I can put together some pretty awesome things in my head. But there is a disconnect between my ideas and my abilities. I don't sew, cook, bake, or do anything that requires more than about 45 minutes of time.

So, when i was trying to find something to make, I was having a hard time. I love Pinterest, but everything I wanted to make either required a baby to make it for, a house to put it in, a wedding to plan, or.....the dreaded sewing machine. I have none of these. (personally....i have a preggo BFF and an engaged sister.) But I selfishly wanted to make something for myself.

I finally stumbled upon some t-shirt scarves! They were no-sew and super easy!! I am not going to explain how I did it, because I'm bad at explaining things, but here are the pictures! They turned out SO cute, and I'm thinking about starting to sell them! What do you think? Would those of you not super creative inclined buy them? I'm thinking about making team-color scarves, too. Like orange and white for UT, and Titan blue and white!

There's also several different ways to make them. With braids, without braids, with lots of braids, etc. I can also use regular cotton t-shirts, or that knit material that feels awesome!

Could be worn separately or together!

Thanks for reading :)