Friday, February 13, 2015

So You're Freaking Out About Valentine's Day...

Hey guys!! It's almost Valentine's Day, and we know what you're thinking. That this is the absolutely worst holiday! It's all manufactured to get really great guys like you to spend money. And what about the fact that you love your girl 365x7x24? We know you do!
But here's the deal, your girl wants a romantic Valentine's Day. Not to show it off to all of her friends and plaster it on social media (although she probably will, and who are you kidding, you love that kind of public admiration!) but because us girls want to be shown that chivalry and romance isn't dead. In our hearts we believe it. And you do great stuff for us every stinking day, like fuel up our cars and change light bulbs and you even help with housework. Man! Do we love you for all those thing? YES! We sure do!

Valentine's Day is different. It's a day for romance. It's like one day set aside to show your girl that romance is alive and well. So, just like we did for Christmas, Rach + Retha are gonna help you. We are going to help turn this "stupid, materialistic manufactured holiday" into something sweet.
Valentine's gifts aren't like Christmas gifts, where you buy something for her than she really wants but would never buy for herself. Valentine's is about love and romance and chivalry.

Giving her a "night off" from her role as caretaker is not a gift. Us girls, we we need a night to reconnect with you. To feel cherished.
Bring home flowers. This doesn't have to be high dollar roses unless she loves those. What is her favorite flower? Is it an orchid, tulip, daisy? Get that! Know her favorites and buy her that.

Take care of the details. Make the reservation, get the sitter, tell her if she should dress up or down. Don't make her plan it all! You already know she feels like she always has to make the plans and do all the things. For the love, men! For the love! No. Really. For the love.
Go back to your first Valentine’s Day as a couple. (Or 2nd, if you were in that awkward just-starting-to-date-omg-what-am-i-gonna-do-for-valentines phase). What did you do together? (*giggle*) What did you get her? Were there flowers? Letters of admiration? Did words of love more beautiful than Ryan Gosling spill out of your mouth?
Do that.
Y’all. Stop with the excuses. “It’s a made up holiday” (there is actual real history behind it), ‘We don’t have the money” (it doesn’t have to be expensive), or “we don’t have the time” (re-evaluate your priorities.)
Short on cash? Buy (or better yet MAKE) a card. Write down how much you love that beautiful woman that walks beside you every day. Pick up the $5 bouquet of flowers from Walmart and stick them in a dinner glass. Buy her favorite candy bar. Don’t get caught up in the dollars. That’s not what matters.

Now. Ladies. Just a short little bit for you. This is a two-way street. Appreciate what your man does for you. Don’t ever say “it isn’t enough.” Don’t ever act like it isn’t enough. His efforts should be praised. This man puts up with you and all the blogs about valentine’s day you forward to him.
Remember: it ain’t about the money. It’s about the thought and the connection between you and your loved one. Don’t be a Debbie Downer. Be awesome. Now go and have the best Valentine’s Day ever. You can thank us by sending discounted Valentine’s Day chocolate.

Xoxo Rach + Retha

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