Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Weddingpalooza Wednesday!

I could spend the next [insert amount of months we will be engaged here] blogging about NOTHING but wedding stuff.

But I'm not going to.

1. Pretty sure I would lose most of my male reader-ship
2. I need to not think about wedding stuff constantly. For all of the health reasons.

So i am going to dedicate ONE day a week for wedding blogging!

Weddingpalooza Wednesday!



Today's topic is the feeling of terror that comes along with agreeing to marry someone. (Didn't see that coming did you?)

I am overwhelmingly excited to marry Brett. Every time I say "Rachel Mayo" my heart flutters and sparkles shoot out of my ears!

So. The terrifying part.

I had this feeling when Brett and I started dating. I thought "Oh crap! I'm a girlfriend now! Can I be everything he needs in a girlfriend? Will I screw up? Will I be good enough? Is there a crazy side of him I don't know about?"

But then I thought "Stop the silliness, you just started dating! You just have to be good enough for however long he decides to put up with you!"

But then he decided he wanted to put up with me forever.

So those same thoughts are intensified by about a bazillion percent. 

I'm not a girlfriend anymore. I'm a fiancee now. And I'm going to be a wife. I'm going to be HIS wife. FOREVER.

Am I good enough?
Am I strong enough?
Will I be able to meet all of his needs?
Will I disappoint him?

Those thoughts and feelings scare the living daylights out of me.

So, what do I do with them?


Because I look back on the 20 months we spent dating and see how great we are together. How wonderfully we communicate. How much fun we have. How much love there is between us.

And then the feelings of excitement, happiness, and confidence come flooding back in, and totally wipe out the feelings that tell me I'm not good enough.

I am SO good enough. I'm going to rock this wife thing HARD! 



  1. I just got engaged 3 weeks ago, and I experienced all of those same thoughts from the beginning. But he asked me to marry him, I said yes, and I am excited to spend the rest of my life with him.

    I know I have the right groom so now it's just the wedding planning that makes me nervous. I have never really given serious thought to a wedding because I've always been so focused on the marriage part. John is my first and only boyfriend and now fiance, and it took me 28 years to meet him.

    But I don't really care that much how we get married as long as it happens. :)

    Congrats to you on your engagement and know I will be journeying right along with you to the wedding day (though I have no idea when John and I are going to get married since we're both trying to get out of debt, he's finishing school, and neither of us wants to spend a ton of money on a wedding.)


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