Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Depression

In the last 5 Club meeting with Jon Acuff, he said something to effect of this:

You should work towards a dream that doesn't make you dread Sunday nights.

He is right. I'm trying. What about you?

It seems hard doesn't it? Maybe even impossible? But I don't think it is. Maybe it's my stupidly optimistic nature. But if other people do it, why can't I?

Speaking of The 5 Club, if you're ready to work on that goal, come to the next meeting with me! It's this Friday at 5 am :) Register here.


  1. Hi Rachel! I just found your site through all of this fun Start Experiment stuff! This 5 Club sounds fun, but I'm wondering how it works (b/c I live in SD) and if I can still join?

    1. Hi Miranda! So the 5 club is a bunch of us locals that meet at 5 am one Friday a month! All non-locals can join in through twitter using the hash tag #5club until we figure out how to live stream it! :)

  2. This Jon Acuff sounds like a very smart guy. Sunday depression = equals need to find a new career (Note: not job but a career that makes you happy!) Some people are content with just getting by at work and working for a paycheck. But I think some of us are wired differently and we need to make our interests/passions into our careers. Best wishes with finding that path before you turn 30!