Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Everyone likes flowers. Even if you say you don't.

Maybe I'll ruffle a few girl-feathers....but I have to be honest here.

I don't believe you when you say you don't like it when your boyfriend or husband or whoever buys you flowers. 

Are you REALLY saying you will roll your eyes in disgust when your significant other surprises you with a lovely bouquet? 

Are you really saying that it annoys you that he was thinking about you, and he decided to buy you some romantic roses?


I get it. Not all girls are "girly girls"...but you can't possibly be appalled by flowers. 

I can see rare exceptions. Let's say your family is starving and living in a cardboard box on the side of the road. If your man comes to the box with some flowers from Kroger, I'd be pissed, too. "Hey man, you could have spent that $12.00 on, I don't know...FOOD."

But for the most part, shouldn't you be grateful that he thought about you?

I mean...they're FLOWERS. He's not bringing you something gross. Flowers are pretty, and are a general expression of love.

I also have to note, that I think some girls say that, because their dudes DON'T get them flowers. NOT EVEN FOR VALENTINES DAY! (a travesty!) 

So fellas...maybe you should step up your game a little bit here, and stop making your girl bitter.

So, girls, tell me what you think? Are you a flower lover? A flower hater? Why?

Guys, do you buy your girl flowers? Why or why not?

Answer in the comments below!


  1. I like flowers, sure, but I think there are better ways to be thoughtful. My boyfriend got me a dress last time he wanted to get me a "thank you/random I love you" type gift. I still have the dress. The flowers would be dead by now.

    1. Oh yeah, I mean, there are tons of ways to be thoughtful. Sure, flowers die, but eventually the dress will be out of style/won't fit/get eaten in the washer. Last year on my birthday, Brett got me a gold and diamond heart necklace. Ok, WAY BETTER THAN FLOWERS! And I do appreciate the nicer gifts. But I also appreciate the $4 bouquet at Walmart. (do NOT read into this Brett. You can get me jewelry ANY. TIME.)

      I just don't understand the people that don't appreciate the gesture of flowers!

  2. I have to say....I don't like getting flowers either, but I will never be bitter about it. Either way, it's a symbol of love. However, I like symbols that stay around for a while, like a card, or a movie I like, or a book....a gift. A usable, tangible gift. I've saved cards from an ex for years in a box that mean a lot to me...never once a flower. And really, even when I put them in a vase and display them in the middle of the kitchen table, I rarely look at them, think of them, or equate them to anything.

    BUT I do think...they are still a symbol of love. And it's the men that don't get flowers, objects, or ANYTHING else that is the true thing women "just don't like." :)

  3. LOL -- what the fuck is this? You are so self centered that you have this stupid blog as if anyone cares about your bullshit stores about flowers and VW Bugs.

    Yeah -- you're the epitome of a Millennial.

    Yeah -- you're doomed.

    1. you need to get your finger out of your butt, guy k. it's making you moody.

  4. Personally I love flowers and sometimes even get them for myself. They're lovely to have in the house.

    1. I agree! They really brighten up a room :) thanks for the comment!