Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Why I'm A Christian

Ok, this post is not actually a thorough explanation of why I am a Christian. But, it's a story, that might help you understand.

I've had kind of a no good very bad day. I kind of had that day yesterday. And had a couple of those days last week. And heck, for the past 2 months, I've had some serious down days.

Let's go back to last week. I call my insulin pump supplier to order more supplies and to switch over my insurance. (because supposedly, I "only" had to wait 5 months for them to start paying for my diabetes supplies.)

To make a long story short after speaking with a bazillion different people, and after a lot of frustration, and a few tears, it turns out that they are not going to pay until January 1, 2014.

My blood sugar levels are MUCH better controlled while on the insulin pump. But because my supplies are SO expensive off of insurance, I wouldn't be able to afford it. (No one would.) And I'd have to go back on shots.

Going back on shots means taking shots 6 times per day. That means interrupting my daily life 6 times every day to go to the bathroom, draw up insulin, and inject myself. I'm a busy person. Sometimes I miss a shot. Or sometimes I'll skip a meal so I don't have to take a shot. Or sometimes I'll just downright not take it "because I don't wanna."

None of those are healthy. I knew it would take a LOT of work to try and control my diabetes while on shots.

So I call my doctor's office this morning, to explain the situation and confirm my off-pump regimen. She says she will confirm with my doctor and then call me back.

She called me back this afternoon.

Someone JUST donated the EXACT amount of supplies I would need to cover me until my insurance starts paying for my supplies.

If that's not God saying "Hey, I'm looking out for ya, kid."....I don't know what is.

I'm a Christian because my faith gives me hope. Because I believe that I am always taken care of. And I like those feelings.

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  1. My family is Catholic. My dad was raised catholic until he was 13, at which time his parents converted themselves and their (then) seven children to Mormonism. my mom was raised Catholic.
    my dad ws never a believer in Mormonism even though he graduated from bYU and served a 2-year lDS mission.

    When my parents were married, my dad decided to reconvert to Catholicism because the entire family may as well go to the same church, although he's a skeptic at best. My brother is a bit of a skeptic as well. My mmom is very much a true believer.

    I choose to be a Christian -- catholic or otherwise-- because i like the idea that ther eis someone bigger than the mere mortals occupying the planet. it's a choice, and i choose to believe that Jesus really was and is the Son of God. There are aspects of my personal denomination that are probably more mumbo jumbo than anything else, but that doesn't change my faith in Jesus.