Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How Many Jobs Have YOU Had?

I am slightly embarrassed to even be making this post. 

But I need to know I'm not alone here!

Brett...wonderful wonderful Brett, is 32. He's had 3 cars. Three cell phones (I think...maybe 2 or 3.) And this is the real kicker...TWO. JOBS. I mean, that's impressive, right??

Then there is me. I'm 26. I've had 6 cars. Ten cell phones (that I can remember...I feel like there were more...) And here is the real kicker....

Are you ready?

Since I started working, 11 years ago.....I've had....

Eighteen jobs. 18. Eighteen. 18. EIGHTEEN.

And that's not including all the little side jobs I've done, on campus jobs in college, or internships. I mean...wow.

Now, to be fair, and to try to justify any of that ridiculous number, I have pretty much always had more than one job at one time. Some of them were just summer jobs and some of them were with businesses that failed.

But still. Eighteen is a lot. 

Am I in the minority here? Please someone raise your hand and tell me you, too, have held an average of 1.6 jobs every year for the past 11 years.....


  1. Three things
    1.Never be ashamed of your history, its part of who you are. 15 jobs or 50 its where you are now that matters.
    Since you asked, I have had 12 jobs in the 15 years I have been working on this planet which include baby-sitting and odd jobs and second jobs.
    3. Interesting question, I hope it sparks lots of comments and answers!

    1. Thanks!! You are right. All 193784574 of those jobs have helped form me in who I am today. And I'm happy with me. :)

  2. I haven't been working that long, but I've never had one job for an entire year either. I'm always switching around.