Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How I Got Kicked in the Face....and the Unexpected Sequel

Once upon a time, there was a girl that got kicked in the face and spent a month and a half recovering from the mother of all corneal abrasions.

As with most tales of victory and triumph, there's always an "almost" win. There's always the two steps back. There's always that moment when you feel like the main character is about to have their moment in the sun. (and then you realize there is still an hour left in the movie so something else is definitely going to go wrong.)

Well, folks. it turns out, there's still an hour left in my movie.

Friday's doctor's appointment (that I talked about here,) was about as bad as I was expecting it to be.

I have a recurring corneal erosion. Which basically means, The top layer of my cornea was violently ripped off and my wound looked just as bad as it did on day 1.

(Ok. I have a flair for the dramatic. But I have to make you all feel sorry for me.)

And also, I have to have laser surgery to permanently fix the problem. So there's that.

Now, the actual wound was not as bad as day 1. My vision was something like 20/60, as opposed to 20/4000. (No, I'm actually not being dramatic there.) And I didn't have to have an eye patch.

They did put a contact lens bandage on my eye, but it came out over the weekend. (during my sister's bachelorette party, at that.)

I slept almost all day Sunday.

I took Monday off and slept the whole day. (I woke up around 3, and did some little chores for Brett, because I love him and he takes good care of me.)

And then it was time for my follow-up appointment.

According to my eye doctor, my eye looked "mucho better!"

Needless to say, I was really super excited to hear that! 

I go back on Thursday for another follow-up. And hopefully, after that, there will be no more steps back.

Now, I have to prepare myself for an endocrinologist appointment tomorrow morning that is sure to be awful. Did I mention, that over the past couple of months I've been battling my blood sugar levels? ALL OF THE EYE TRAUMA DRAMA!


  1. It's not fair to be battling such serious eye problems AND your blood sugar.

    i have mild hyperthyroidsism which will pprobably ultimately turn into Graves' Disease, which my mom had. she had her thyroid glad ablated byt radioactive iodine. She then developed the full-blown thyroid eye disease. Two years later she developed leukemia, which, thankfully she beat, in parrt with a bone marrow transplant from me.

    My dad is convinced that the radioactive iodine treatment played a rol in both her developing thyroid eye disease and esecially in her developing leukemia. 9The markers or tendency had to have been there in the first place, but my dad thinks the straw that broke the camel's back was the RAI treatment of the thyroid gland. (My dad is in oncology and hematology research, so it's not quite the same as soneone's math teacher husband making the same claims.) Regardless, if I develop full-blown graves', I will not be having Radioactive Iodine treatment.