Thursday, June 20, 2013

Trying Not To Be A Facebook Creeper

Do you ever get on Facebook and just mindlessly click around until you end up deep in the Facebook forest, unaware of how you even got there?

Yeah, me too.

Tonight, Facebook land brought me to the page of a little boy I used to babysit.

Except.....he's not little anymore. He's 14. 

I babysat him when he was 2.

I really want to send him a message, and tell him I'm the reason he learned to say "excuse me" after burping (because every Friday night, we had burping contests, and we always said "excuse me" afterwards). 

I want to remind him that even though he was a hellion at bedtime, I was still the only person that could get him to go to sleep in his own room instead of his parents' or brother's bed. 

I want to tell him he is the reason I want to name a future son of mine "Landon."

But I won't. Because that's probably creepy to a 14 year old boy.

I'll just hang on to my sweet memories (he was really just the sweetest little red head ever) and stalk his Facebook page for the next few years to make sure he's not getting into trouble :)

Hahahaha. Just kidding.

But seriously.

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